Beca de inmersión lingüística

Beca de inmersión lingüística


Dear dream makers,

I was only 5 when mum gave me a globe. My mind couldn’t imagine so many countries in something that resembled to my football.

Somebody told me that I was in a point on that ball, and it was so minuscule that I couldn’t be appreciated. My world was in that point!

After that, I knew there were other boys like me with other cultures and languages in other “points”.

With the passing of time, I started to imagine the amount of people, animals and things who lived in each spot.

This is how I started to dream with each “point”, with the world hidden behind them.

Now, at 15, I have the luck to speak from the experience, because it isn’t the first time I travel with Speak&Fun.

I travel with the expectancy of what the next “point” that I’ll discover will bring. Simply the excitement of the possibility of travel abroad and what the different cultures awaken in you is amazing.

Travelling is an adventure which is extremely exciting. You have fun, but above all else, you get rich. You get rich from the experience.

Thanks to Speak&Fun and all the team of dreams makers I have the opportunity to travel again and to expand my “point”, my world, and my life. Thanks!

Looking forward hearing for you,

Francisco Miguel Soler Martínez
IES Alyanub (Vera)